Final Report

  • Elmar Kriegler; Keywan Riahi; Nils Petermann;Valentina Bosetti; Pantelis Capros; Detlef P. van Vuuren; Patrick Criqui; Christian Egenhofer; Panagiotis Fragkos;Nils Johnson; Leonidas Paroussos; Arno Behrens;Ottmar Edenhofer; The AMPERE Consortium (2014): Assessing Pathways toward Ambitious ClimateTargets at the Global and European Levels. A synthesis of results from the AMPERE project. Updated version 5/2014

Slide decks

  • The AMPERE project (2014): Assessing Pathways toward Ambitious Climate Targets at the Global and European Levels. (Report topics)
  • Riahi, Keywan, Nils Johnson, Christoph Bertram, Meriem Hamdi-Cherif, Aurélie Méjean & The AMPERE Consortium (2014): Implication of near-term policies for long-term stabilization. The role of path dependency in energy systems for mitigation pathways. (Results of WP2)
  • Kriegler, Elmar,  Keywan Riahi, Jana Schwanitz, Adriana Marcucci, Leonidas Paroussos & The AMPERE Consortium (2014): Building a global climate regime from the bottom-up (“Staged Accession Scenarios”). Mitigation pathways in the context of fragmented climate policies. (Results of WP3)
  • Capros, Pantelis , Leonidas Paroussos, Panagiotis Fragkos & THe Ampere Consortium (2014): Decarbonisation holds challenges and opportunities for Europe. Decarbonisation scenarios for Europe. (Results of WP5)

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Further information

  • For more information about the AMPERE project and its results in brief visit the CORDIS website.