Technology Workshop (May 27-28, 2013)

This workshop intended to strengthen current and future efforts to analyse technological change and to introduce endogenous technology dynamics in large-scale energy or integrated assessment models. The workshop combined the perspectives of researchers involved in climate policy modelling – such as performed for the IPCC or EU research projects like AMPERE or ADVANCE – with those of researchers more specialized in the economics of technological change.

First Day (Monday, May 27)

Introductory session


Opening and introduction – Patrick Criqui (CNRS - Université de Grenoble)

Key outcomes of 2012 JRC-ECN Workshop – Tobias Wiesenthal (EU-JRC-IPTS)

Research on endogenous technology modeling in the US – John Weyant (Stanford)

11:00-11:30 Coffee break

Taking stock


Insights into cost dynamics, learning curves, innovation and R&D

Gregory Nemet (U. Wisconsin-Madison)

Jessika Trancik (MIT)

Laura Diaz Anadon (Harvard)

13:00-14:30 Lunch

Methodological perspectives


Innovation cycles, uncertainties, and endogenous technical change

Charlie Wilson (Tyndall)

Ed Rubin (CMU)

Boris Le Hir (ERASME)

16:00-16:30 Coffee break

Historical/econometric approaches


Delearning, industry competition and spillovers, new energy developments

Nuclear industry – Lina Escobar Rangel (CERNA Ecole des Mines)

PV – Matthieu Glachant (CERNA Ecole des Mines)

20:00 Dinner

Second Day (Tuesday, May 28)

Stylized facts and diagnostics


Energy and material prices, technology diffusion, model runs in a historical perspective

Christian Panzer (TUW)

Charlie Wilson (Tyndall)

Philippe Menanteau (CNRS - Université de Grenoble)

Wrap-up and brainstorming on common approaches in ADVANCE

10:30-11:00 Moderator: Patrick Criqui (CNRS - Université de Grenoble)